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5.5HP Power Sluice / 3" Dredge Combo This is our most popular highbanker dredge combo unit. A model 175 Power Sluice with the addition of a 3 inch dredge suction nozzle, 10 feet of 3 inch suction hose and 12 feet of additional pressure hose to extend the suction system. Honda GX200 5.5HP motor with Keene P180 pump.


Powered by an All-Power 5.5 horse power, 4-cycle, gasoline pump. The pump and engine combination weighs only 56 pounds. This unit comes complete with everything you need for a 2 inch dredge including 15 feet of 2 inch dredge hose, 20 feet of 1.25 inch pressure hose and all the parts, and clamps. Gold Buddy 2 Inch Suction Dredge/Hibanker Combo

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For sale is this Commercial 8 inch Gold Dredge which sits on an 87" wide x 178" long frame and weighs in at 1,800 lbs. It sluice box is 26" wide internally x 144" long. The 8″ is powered by (2) Honda 23 HP engines and our new HP800 pumps. Options: diver's ladder, canopy, outboard hose support, longer dredge hoses,

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Just to give you some idea, a top-of-the-line five-inch gold dredge and the miscellaneous gear needed to run a small dredging operation can be obtained for less than $6,000. The size of a gold dredge is determined by the inside-diameter of its suction hose–usually anywhere from two to ten inches.

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Keene 3" Suction Gold Dredge This 3" dredge is equipped with all the latest innovations in dredge design similar to the larger dredges. This is an extremely versatile dredge that can be used as a standard floating dredge with an optional air compressor for deeper dredging. - The Prospector's Trading Place ...

The suitable working temperature for floating hose is from -20℃ to +50℃. With the deep understanding of the floating dredge hoses, the advantages of convenience and stability have been recognized by most of manufacturers. And execution of floating discharge hoses at sea becomes more and more. View the video about our floating hose production:

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Jun 13, 2018· A common suction gold dredge design - 4" surface dredge with air compressor. In normal operation a gold dredge is run by an operator at the intake nozzle who directs the nozzle and who captures and discards oversized rocks that would plug the intake hose.

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8 Inch Diamond and Gold Dredges. Model 8246V 8246V and 8246VE ... The dredge is equipped with 40 feet of suction hose and can handle up to 100 foot of suction hose and dredge to depths exceeding 80 feet. With a new oversized "Quad Jet" jetting system you will experience fewer rock jams. The jet is designed with heavy double walled ...

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The dredge sucks gravel, sand, and rocks off the river bottom and discharges the slurry into a sluicebox. A flexible plastic hose with an intake nozzle is directed at the riverbed deposition while the floating dredge train downstream. The dredge works much like a vacuum cleaner as the operator moves the nozzle in a sweeping motion upstream.

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Proline 2 inch Gold Dredge. $1,695. Powered by a quiet running 4 stroke 2.5 HP Honda engine driving a 100+ GPM HP100 pump, Proline's 2″ gold dredge has all the power you'd want in a highly portable unit. The HP100 pump features a flusher port for running a hose and …

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The gravity dredge takes advantage of the natural gradient of a stream or river to develop the pressure necessary to move the water through the pipe and thereby deliver the gold bearing materials to the sluice. ... and suction hose, and other gold dredging specific hardware, and yet the local hardware store will probably be a less expensive ...

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One major problem associated with all gold dredges over the years has been the far too frequent rock jams in the dredge hose, particularly at the power jet. On conventional dredge designs, the steel power jet slips inside the hose, creating a restriction and many plugs in the process.

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Aug 18, 2017· Hello I'm looking for 6" suction hose. I have a proline 6" dredge and the hose I have is tough which means stiff. I'm trying to find the most flexible suction hose with matching ribs on the out side that is compatible with proline thing that threads on the outside of hose…

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Find great deals on eBay for dredge hose. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay Logo: ... 1 1/2" MALE PIN LUG HOSE FITTING,GOLD Dredge,HIGH BANK STANDARD PIPE THREAD. Brand New. $7.70. Buy It Now +$5.24 shipping. 1.5 inch Pressure Hose Coupling (Pumps and Dredges) Brand New. $14.95.

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The HP100 pump features a flusher port for running a hose and flusher nozzle, and the engine requires no fuel mixing. Gold recovery on the 2" is also unsurpassed. This dredge utilizes a unique one-piece classifier and riffle system over miner's moss. This is a slick little dredge, perfect for small streams or pack-in operations.

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A suction dredge used along the shoreline works like a large vacuum cleaner by sucking up underwater gold-bearing material like rocks, gravel, sand, and dirt and forcing it through a highbanker or power sluice that is capable of recovering very fine particles of gold. The size of a gold dredge (1.5 inch, 2 inch, etc.) is determined by the ...

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Dredge Hose. A 5.0-ft. length of Dredge Hose is connected between the Suction Nozzle and the Gould-Bazooka. Longer lengths of up to 30 ft. may be used but efficiency is reduced by friction of the hose.

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The picture above shows a typical dredging operation with our new 6218 HM 6 inch dredge featuring the new HP500 pump. Features for the 5 and 6 inch Mini Dredges: 1.3 Stage Sluice Box is the ultimate in fine gold recovery, convenience and easy clean up. 2.Floats with step nose cut and runner bottoms for sliding through fast rocky rivers.

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Hoses & Fittings Many sizes and styles to fit your needs. We have hoses for most any application. We stock suction hoses for dredging, pressure hoses for powering dredges, and layflat hoses for highbanking use. We offer many sizes and styles to choose from and maintain a good supply of various size hose clamps and couplings.

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Clearflow suction hose for gold dredging. Buy good quality that will last and which is smooth inside.

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(2) Decide how deep you are willing to dredge to recover the minimum with the equipment you are using. I typically say that I will remove 1 foot of overburden for every 1 inch diameter of my suction hose. If I use my 5" dredge, then I would be willing to dredge up to 5 feet of overburden to recover 1/2 ounce of gold in an 8 hour shift.

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Larger and commercial dredges may be equipped with booms, which can be extended out in front and used to secure a suction-hose safety harness. In this manner, when the dredge moves forward, the suction-hose safety harness moves with it, as in the situation above. Another concern in fast-water dredging is to keep your suction nozzle and hose ...

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One major problem associated with all gold dredges over the years has been the far too frequent rock jams in the dredge hose, particularly at the power jet. On conventional dredge designs, the steel power jet slips inside the hose, creating a restriction and many plugs in the process.

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Jul 09, 2012· Fine tuning the gold dredge, working with the mats, riffles, expanded metal, dredge hose connections and more. Fine tuning the gold dredge, working with the mats, riffles, expanded metal, dredge ...

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Find great deals on eBay for gold dredge hose. Shop with confidence.

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3" Proline Dredge Starting at $2700 This is the dredge I personally use and I love it! Suction is amazing and fine gold recovery unmatched. The 3" is also the smallest of Proline's dredges to feature the "sure-flow" hose coupler.

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Jul 30, 2010· The main points of making this gold dredging system workable are as follows: The pipe can have no holes or breaks in it anywhere, a suction hose …

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Hoses, clamps, and other dredge accessories are not included. Power jet vs. a suction nozzle: A suction nozzle works in a similar fashion to a power jet except instead of being attached directly to the header box it is attached at the far end of the material hose.

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"Clearflow" suction hose is perfect for gold dredge suction and other low pressure applications. A smooth interior bore helps to prevent clogs and does not hinder the movement of material. Clear valleys between the ribs allow the dredge operator to see the material or water moving through the hose. Dredge hose is made to withstand temperature ...

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Salem-Republic's Dredging Hose features "customized" heavy-duty, wear-resistant constructions employing the finest grades of natural and synthetic rubber and fabric. Produced in hard and soft-wall constructions, S-R's Dredging Hose is quality-based with over 30 years of experience in handmade hose design and manufacturing.

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Gold-bearing gravel and dirt is shoveled into the hopper of the power sluice / high banker, which is mounted at the top end of the sluice box. Inside the hopper is a "grizzly" which is a series of sloping rods that filter out larger rocks.