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EDM Supplies Single Source Technologies is a full-service provider of high-quality EDM consumable supplies and parts, including wire, filters, resin, graphite, spare parts and more. All made by the leading manufacturers in the industry.

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Single Source Technologies is a full-service provider of high-quality EDM consumable supplies and parts, including wire, filters, resin, graphite, spare parts and more. All …

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What are Metal Matrix Composites? A metal matrix composite (MMC) is a composite material with at least two parts; one typically being some desired metal, and another being a reinforcing material (typically another metal or some organic compound).

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EDM Performance Accessories ... METALLICS/ELECTRODES Copper/Brass Tubes Kor rless Copper Tubes Molybdenum Tubes TappingElectrodes EDM ACCESSORIES Adhesives & Conductive Paint ... Tellurium (Telco) Copper—Plates, Rounds Silver Tungsten Pure …

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Tellurium copper (Telco) performs the same as pure copper as an electrode material. It has a huge advantage, however, because of it"s high machinability rating: 90% (free cutting brass = ). Pure copper has a rating of 20%. Its high machability rating and fast WEDM speeds make it ideal for highly detailed, difficult to flush electrodes..

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McWilliams Sales & Service supplies wires in a variety of materials, sizes, and hardness levels to work with any make and model of EDM machine. With extensive experience in EDM consumable, we will work with you to determine the right wire for your application needs. Contact us today to learn more about our EDM …

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Molybdenum, a refractory metal with good strength and arc erosion resistance, is used to make small-hole EDM electrodes. Both copper and tellurium copper are well-suited for machining applications that require a fine finish. Copper graphite is expensive, but provides better conductivity and flexural strength than pure graphite.

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Our items are commonly identified and trusted by people and can fulfill repeatedly altering economic and social wants of OEM Factory for Quality Industrial Tellurium Copper Parts - Phosphor Bronze Wire – De-Shin, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: moldova, Riyadh, New Orleans, With high quality, reasonable price, on-time delivery and customized & customized ...

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Farmer's Copper is the proven leader in the metals industry, and our inventory includes C14500 Tellurium copper rounded rod. Common applications of Tellurium C145 include electrical switches, welding torch tips, transformer & circuit-breaker terminals & fasteners. Contact us today for your Tellurium copper needs!


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EDM Supplier Belmont is the worlds most advanced and largest distributor of POCO graphite and OKI wire. We supply the finest Su

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C14500 Tellurium Copper (Deoxidized Grades) SAE J461, J463 / ASTM B-301, B-124. Tellurium Copper or Tellurium-Bearing has applications in screw machine products and parts requiring high conductivity, extensive machining, corrosion resistance, copper color, or a combination of these; electrical connectors, motor and switch parts, plumbing fittings, welding torch tips, transistor bases and ...

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Manufacturer of EDM supplies, capillary tubes, machine parts, precision metal rods & tubes for EDM applications. Products include copper & brass rods, copper & brass tubes, multi-channel (korless) copper & brass tubes, tungsten carbide tubes, tungsten carbide rods, pure tungsten wire/rods with 12 in. lengths, tellurium copper plates & rounds, copper tungsten, graphite & copper graphite, copper ...

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Everything for EDM - EDM Supplies - Poco Graphite, OKI Wire, SY & Maxicut Drills and Sinkers About Belmont Equipment & Technologies The Equipment Consumables group has a long and productive history in the field of EDM. Mr. Ping Ianitelli, one of the original pioneers of EDM in the U.S., founded Belmont in 1960.

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• Graphite/Copper Graphite Metallics • Tellurium Copper (TELCO) • Copper ungstenT • ungsten T Carbide Dielectric Oil • IonoPlus ® • EcoSpark 105 ® • Rust InhibitorRicharge ULTRA ® • Richarge 100 ® Extended Life Oil Filters P-Locks® EDM HOLE DRILLER PRODUCTS Electrodes • Brass Single Channel Tubes 0.10mm - 3.0mm


Jan 08, 2018· Part 2 of 3. The manufacturing and production of metal matrix composites can be done one of four different ways. There are solid state methods, semi-solid state methods, liquid state methods, and through vapor deposition.


of the copper shell is partially filled with an epoxy, and wires are attached to the copper electrode. The formed electrode is then mounted on the EDM machine. E. Custom Molded Metallic Electrodes Where multiple electrodes are constantly required, a 70/30 mixture of tungsten and copper powder is pressure molded and sintered in a furnace.

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EDM Electrodes With the highest quality manufacturing standards, Graphel Carbon Products electrodes are carefully crafted to meet your most demanding needs. This includes level of detail, material strength, wear resistance, surface finish and cost.

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EDM electrodes consist of highly conductive and/or arc erosion-resistant materials such as graphite or copper. EDM is an acronym for electrical discharge machining, a process that uses a controlled electrical spark to erode metal.EDM electrodes include components made from brass, copper and copper alloys, graphite, molybdenum, silver, and tungsten.

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A Metallic Compound of Extremes. Not purely metallic, but a metallic ceramic, tungsten carbide has much greater rigidity than any metal, and a very high melting point. These characteristics, along with its relatively low conductivity, allow it to hold up to the rigors of the EDM process with more aplomb than its peers, and give it the stubbornness to drill into the toughest targets.

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TELLURIUM COPPER DISTRIBUTOR IN THE USA A METAL SOURCE, LLC is a metal distributor of Tellurium Copper Alloy in any size or form per condition and specification noted below. C145 Alloy is used an many applications such as electrical connectors, plumbing fittings, EDM anodes, fixtures, fasteners, dies, transistor base, and motor parts.

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Saturn offers a range of metal EDM electrodes in a variety of materials, including copper, copper tungsten, tellurium copper, brass, tungsten and many special alloys. For as long as we have been a manufacturer of EDM electrodes, we have also been a supplier of EDM electrode materials.

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Electrical Discharge Machining Consumables: MWI supplies the finest products available in the marketplace. We offer a full line of products to service both Sinker and Wire All available for immediate shipment. EDM Wire Sabre Cut SC-1 Sabre Cut SC-1 is a premium material offering the highest tensile strength in the Industry for brass. SC-1 is […]

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A single call gets you all the key EDM and Mold supplies your business needs.Large inventories, the highest quality products and same-day shipping on most orders makes restocking easier, faster and less expensive for you. Call today for a quote and discover the benefits of a single source vendor for all your EDM consumable needs.

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Metallics; Industries Served; EDM Fluids. Commonwealth Oil – EDM 244; Commonwealth Oil – EDM Super Supreme Fluid ... Copper Impregnated Graphite. Flat Plates. Bulk Plates. Squares. Precision Plates. ... Copper Tungsten Plates & Squares. Tellurium Copper. Single-Channel Copper & Brass Tubes. Copper Tungsten Strips. Tungsten Wire. Multi ...

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Our unmatched knowledge and experience in working with metals has made us the industry's leading manufacturer of metal electrodes for EDM. Metal Electrodes. Saturn offers a range of metal EDM electrodes in a variety of materials, including copper, copper tungsten, tellurium copper, brass, tungsten carbide, pure tungsten and many special alloys.

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NADCAP accredited distributor of EDM supplies and accessories. Oil products, brass and coated wire, EDM filters and products for EDM tooling are available. Capabilities include precision graphite machining and wire EDM. Graphite, copper tungsten and silver tungsten electrodes can be machined.

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Metallics. Brass, copper, copper tungsten, pure tungsten, silver tungsten, tellurium copper and more tungsten carbide. Fast Hole Drills. Single hole, multi channel and fine hole EDM drills. Ancillary Equipment. Dry blast cabinets, dust collection systems and accessories

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Have you experienced any of the following circumstances? ... the EDM work piece or induced into the work piece by clamping! 8 EDM Today, Spring 2010 Issue The combination of ... Copper or Tellurium Copper. These materials are supplied by the mill as cold rolled material. As a result of the

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SST - Global EDM merger FAQ. Global EDM Consumables Global EDM Supplies offers over 3,000 different EDM Machine Parts & Supplies: including wire, filters, wear parts, resin, fluids & lubricants, electrodes providing advanced technology EDM Consumables at competitive prices backed by outstanding technical support and customer service.


EDM Graphite- EDM. EDM Sales & Supplies, Inc. 11650 96th Ave N. Maple Grove, MN 55369 ... (Electrical discharge machining) Technology is playing a more and more important role in precision mold processing. ... electrodes in materials including graphite & metals such as copper, copper tungsten, tellurium copper, brass, tungsten carbide, pure ...

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EDM Consumables: EDM Parts ... Tooling: About Us: Electrodes & Metallics. Precision Copper Tubing Precision Brass Tubing Multi Channel Copper Tubing Multi Channel Brass Tubing Tungsten Carbide Tubing Tungsten Carbide Solid Rod Copper Tungsten—Tubing, Solid Rod, Rounds, Squares, Sheets, Plates Tellurium (Telco) Copper—Plates, Rounds Silver ...

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EDM Metallics. MWI offers a full compliment of metallic electrode materials and sizes. We carry a full range of brass, copper, tungsten, tungsten carbide, copper tungsten and TELCO (tellurium copper) available for immediate shipment. Brush Wellman Design Guide Table of Contents. EDM Electrical Discharge Machining.

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POCO's EDM-AF5 is the premier graphite el-ec trode material available on the market today with an average particle size of less than one micron. This particle structure gives EDM-AF5 superior strength, provides for fine surface finish (7μinRa), gives excellent metal removal rate, and high resistance to wear.

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Why bother with EDM copper, when graphite is so much easier to machine and, in many cases, performs better? The fact that you find copper electrodes in nearly every EDM department shows that it is important in injection mold making.. The use of EDM copper electrodes goes back to the first days of electrical discharge machining, before graphite even entered the picture.

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May 01, 2016· These four areas—work metal, EDM process priority, electrode material and EDM—play a critical role in making the overall EDM process profitable. Following is an example of an actual EDM application with copper alloy cores and the financial impact that the electrode material and process parameters had on manufacturing costs and profitability.

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EDM drilling accesories; Wirecut accessories; EDM Filters; Dielectric Fluids; Technology. EDM technology overview; EDM-Drill technology; EDM Die sinking technology; EDM Molybdenum Wire cut technology; Novick supports the additive manufacturing industry; EDM Wire-cut technology brass; EDM PCD wirecutting technology; EDM Grinding technology; EDM ...